Oh so inspirational

Sunday, 27 April 2008 at 7:06 pm (Daydreams, Memories, Sexuality)

i have a new computer and even though our network router has gone caput on us for reasons we cannot fathom, at least i have an internet connection on my computer. LP and i have spent the last three days on the phone (Her bill is going to be huge!) trying to get it fixed. The frustration is intense, and it isn’t the fun kind. So i decided to just relax and check out some of my favorite blogs from the side bar and see what i’ve been missing. i missed HNT on Dee’s page, but that’s okay because checking it late meant that i got to see her in her ‘cunt’ t-shirt and also her favorite pics from other bloggers. i love that she does that, she has great taste. Dee can be found here: http://curvaceousdee.blogspot.com/

Then i checked in at Sugarbutch Chronicles and found this post: http://www.sugarbutch.net/2008/04/guest-post-submissive-impulses-and-why-i-heart-sadists/#comment-2424 All i can say is…ohhhh my……no i change my mind, i have a lot more to say about that particular guest post. That has to be the most inspiring thing i have read in a long time. It has all kinds of images dancing through my head. It’s kind of nice to know that i am not the only one who craves this sort of interaction. For me it’s one of those things that i doubt i will ever fully experience. There are practical things that would probably get in the way. i am not strong physically, my joints can be tender and it would make the whole ‘fighting back’ part of it difficult. i wouldn’t be able to struggle and resist as much as i would like. When i was younger, about 14 actually and with my first real boyfriend, i used to push him to get him to be more physically aggressive with me. i would turn my head when he went to kiss me so that he had to grab my face and turn me back to him, or i would walk away so that he had to come after me and catch me. i usually made sure that when he did catch me it was in a fairly private place so that he could pin me up against a wall or door to get the kisses he was after. Still, it wasn’t enough for me, it barely took away the itch for a little while. It’s a recurring theme in my fantasies, being overpowered, held down, maybe bound maybe not, but even more than that being told i belong to someone, that i will be taken as they please not coddled like some pillow princess. The words, those fierce dark words, are all that would be needed to trigger that spinal arch reaction that i just can’t control.

Whew….ahem….right. So thank goodness that LP has allowed a change in our specifics, that will allow me to run with the inspiration and enjoy myself. We have been talking, going over things and doing some renegotiation of sorts. LP has given me an orgasm quota. i need to find a counter that i can use to keep track and post here. i saw one on another blog i read, but i can’t remember which one. i am allowed to ‘play’ on my own 14 times a month. Within those 14 times four must be on a specific day each week, and at least five must involve toys. After each time i am to write a report on what inspired me and how. Sometimes LP may toss out something specific She wants on my mind at the time. After reading the post mentioned above i definitely have all the inspiration i need to start working on my quota.

(((The only question i have now, M’Lord, is do i need to meet the whole quota for April or will it be pro-rated since it wasn’t set until just a few days ago.  *grins*  i will be a very busy girl if i am to meet my quota….but as always, i am up for the challenge!)))

{{i hope that the trackbacks i put in for the two blog references work the way my understanding of them says they should.}}


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